Done-for-you bookkeeping for service providers & creative entrepreneurs ready to grow their business, make more money, & have more time to do more of what they love ♡
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Just like aloe soothes and heals, we nurture your business's financial health - taking you from burnt out to thriving.

When you partner with ALOE Bookkeeping, LLC, you'll not only receive consistent, trustworthy financial reports, but also gain the confidence and empowerment to make timely decisions that will propel your business forward and drive increased profitability. With our guidance, you can rest assured that your books are in capable hands, allowing you to flourish and achieve your business goals with ease!

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done for you bookkeeping

Our bookkeeping services are here to bring peace, security, and growth to your small business.

When your books are under control, you will:

  • have financial clarity & peace of mind
  • feel confident & make more money because you know your numbers 
  • be empowered to make educated business decisions
  • make a bigger impact working ON your business instead of IN your business
  • go into tax season stress-free, knowing you’re prepared
  • spend more time doing what you love with who you love

Many business owners come to us not quite understanding bookkeeping - or why they need to hire a bookkeeper - and we’re here to alleviate that!


“Kimberly meticulously guided me through the bookkeeping process with a step-by-step approach which allowed me to set long term financial goals! I receive quarterly updates that makes doing taxes a breeze and stress free. Kimberly is incredibly easy to communicate with and offers insight that is researched and thought provoking. Anyone with a small business who's looking to finally have a clear understanding of their finances, I highly recommend hiring Kimberly at ALOE Bookkeeping!”

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Our Services 

We can help you in a variety of ways, depending on your needs. Browse through, then reach out for more info!

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Signature Service: Monthly Bookkeeping
Starting at $350/month

If you’re tired of tracking your own finances, want to spend your time in a better way, or don’t feel confident in your books - this is for you! We’re here to take this tedious monthly task off your plate so you can get back to what you care about most, while also knowing what your numbers are doing.

Included in this package:

  • Accurate accounting records
  • Monthly reconciliations
  • Categorization of revenue & expenses to help you see what your cash is doing
  • Monthly financial reports that show your monthly & year-to-date numbers


  • Monthly recap emails summarizing your numbers in an easy-to-understand format
  • 1:1 support for questions
  • A business cheerleader, rooting for you!
  • Partner with your CPA or tax accountant for a stress-free tax season
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Small Business Bookkeeping Tracker

Do you think you can tackle bookkeeping on your own, but just need some assistance? Our Small Business Bookkeeping Tracker (set up in Google Sheets) can help you get started! Grab your copy at the link below.

small business bookkeeping tracker
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"​Thank you so much! I finished the 2022 calendar year thanks to how well you organized [my books] for me. You did an amazing job, and I'm very grateful."

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ALOE there!

Kimberly here - your favorite bookkeeper, cat mom, & plant pun lover

Based in Saugus, Massachusetts (just a short drive north of Boston), I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting and a minor in Economics from Salem State University.

While still working a corporate job, ALOE Bookkeeping, LLC was started in March 2022. After the business steadily grew, I transitioned to full-time entrepreneurship two years later in March 2024.

Fun Fact: The name "ALOE" comes from the accounting equation: Assets = Liabilities + Owner's Equity.

This equation is the backbone of accounting, essentially stating that what you own (assets) is equal to what you owe (liabilities) plus the owner's investment (owner's equity).

QuickBooks Online

As a Certified Xero Advisor and QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, I am well-versed in the intricacies of modern bookkeeping software, ensuring that you receive top-notch service and accurate financial management, no matter which platform you’re on. I turn daily transactions into meaningful insights that empower my clients to make informed and empowered business decisions.

As any introvert can relate, I find solace and inspiration during my downtime. You can find me completing puzzles - where I enjoy the challenge of piecing together intricate designs and sharpening my problem-solving skills - or pursuing creative outlets like paint-by-numbers and diamond painting kits. Other activities of joy include reading (check out my Goodreads page), going on picturesque hikes, hosting game nights with family and friends, and cuddling with my three cats (Millie, Moe & Minnie).

Xero Certified

Every business owner knows the importance of finding just

the right resources to help your business run smoothly

and we’re no different! Check out our favorite programs and recommendations for your business, from banking to bookkeeping.

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