ALOE there! 

Just like aloe soothes and heals, we nurture your business's financial health. Our bookkeeping services are here to bring peace, security, and growth to your small business.

When your books are under control, you'll:

  • have financial clarity & peace of mind
  • feel confident because you know your numbers 
  • be empowered to make timely business decisions
  • make a bigger impact working ON your business instead of in your business
Let's Work Together!

Monthly Bookkeeping

starting at $350.00/month

Accurate Accounting Records

Monthly Reconciliations

Monthly Financial Reports

1:1 Support

A business cheerleader!

Additional Services

Why should you hire a bookkeeper?

  • To save time and money!
  • To help manage your cash flow by being provided with timely reports.
  • You don’t understand bookkeeping or accounting.
  • You would rather spend your time on things that actually increase sales and make your income grow.
  • You don’t have the time to do your own bookkeeping or would rather spend your time on things you enjoy, such as spending time with family and friends and just being present in life.
Let's Work Together!

Small Business Bookkeeping Tracker

Do you think that you can tackle bookkeeping on your own with some assistance? Purchase our Small Business Bookkeeping Tracker (Google Sheets) today to help you get started.

Client Testimonials

Natasha Yeung Photography LLC

Kimberly meticulously guided me through the bookkeeping process with a step-by-step approach which allowed me to set long term financial goals! I receive quarterly updates that makes doing taxes a breeze and stress free. Kimberly is incredibly easy to communicate with and offers insight that is researched and thought provoking. Anyone with a small business who's looking to finally have a clear understanding of their finances, I highly recommend hiring Kimberly at ALOE Bookkeeping!

Boston Let's Party

Boston Let's Party came to ALOE Bookkeeping for a 2022 clean-up through October 2022 and bookkeeping training. Deya’s goals were to categorize her business expenses, to see how her business was doing so she could increase her profits, and be ready for tax season.

"​Thank you so much! I finished the 2022 calendar year. Thanks to how well you organized (my books) for me. You did an amazing job, and I'm very grateful."

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